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“Your Motown presentation was obviously very well received. We had over 90 people in attendance! One audience member thanks me personally  for bringing you to the museum. Your session was particularly timely and important; the depth of information and ideas shared were absolutely perfect for our audience.”

-Katrina Stacy, Worcester Art Museum

“Your presentation was excellent! The audience loved it. Thanks for kicking off our lecture series in such a positive way!”

-Nel Lazour, Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts

“Every minute was an absolute pleasure! Even down to the memorabilia left on the table for thumbing through afterward. Very thoughtful and simply just a great experience. I cannot thank you enough for your careful preparation and for providing such delight to our residents.”

-Melody Bushmich, Goddard House, Brookline, MA

‘Tom gave a wonderful lecture on the racial and gender politics of Motown for my ‘America in the 60s’ class. His nuanced analysis, engaging pedagogical style, and stimulating multimedia presentation captured the students’ undivided attention. In a course filled with interesting and colorful topics, Tom’s lecture stood out as a major highlight and major success.”

-Dr. Jordan Kleiman, State University of NY/Geneseo

“I can always gauge the success of a program by the audience’s reaction. Since the Q&A at the end turned into a lengthy and moving story sharing session, I knew you hit all the right notes. You truly combined the perfect amount of history, music, and nostalgia in a way that everyone was able to relate to the turbulence and uniqueness of the 1960s.”

-Lisa Cuomo, The Long Island Museum

“You ROCK! The addition of items from your personal collection is one of the highlights of our ‘Life in the Swingin’ Sixties’ exhibition.”

-Michael MacDonald, LBJ Library & Museum

“You did such a great job of relating the information. I was totally caught up in it. You were passionate, humorous, serious and enlightening—all wrapped into one. Plus, you were so upbeat and entertaining!”

-Mary Patricia Fennell, Geneseo Alumni Association

“Your insights about what was going on in society in the 60s and 70s made that history more real, more relevant. You brought a dimension to our learning about that important phase of the recording industry we otherwise would not have had.”

-Jerald Engel, State University of NY/Geneseo

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